Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Back Up Plan: Review

Sigh..... JLo's back to make another movie..... hooray.... But here's the shocking part. This movie wasn't terrible!! Hooray.....
So the movie is about Zoe, a woman who's been trying to have a baby through artificial insemination because she's sick of waiting for Mr. Right to come along. But on the day she finds out she's pregnant with twins, she finds the man of her dreams.
Bullshit plot I know. I walked in to this movie with expectations that I would witness Marmaduke all over again only with Jennifer Lopez's ass attached to the main character this time. And worst off was I saw this film with my mom. It's just one of those days where lots of shit just happens to you, you know? But then something amazing happened. The opening credits started rolling and I went, "Now that's interesting."
Now let me be clear that this was in fact not a terrible movie. But this still doesn't make it any good either. I'm just saying that it did much much much better than what I'd thought it would do. Mostly because in all seriousness, this was a mediocre funny movie. I actually found a few segments of this movie decently entertaining and a few moments where I did guiltily chuckle. And most of the credit has to be handed to Jennifer Lopez.
Wait.. What? Jennifer Lopez acted well? Uhhh.. No. But it was Jennifer Lopez doing what we always loved about JLo in the first place, being a very clumsy yet affable, cute and sweet character. Her performance was more caliber driven than talent. And it also helps that Alex O'Loughlin who plays her love interest also holds his own whenever he's with JLo and together they somehow managed to create a romantic twosome though illogical but was still genuinely charming and offbeat.
I really gotta give the director Alan Poul credit. He took what very very limited bullshit material he had in the script and made the best of it. There is scene in this movie where a woman goes into labor and I liked how he turned something that was supposed to be beautiful and made an exorcism-type scene out of it. We got this pregnant chick in a plastic swimming pool screaming like Emily Rose as other fat chicks chant and burn joysticks while Jennifer Lopez does a Lindsay Lohan getting a 3 month jail sentence. Bullshit? Yes. Funny? Uh.... yeah fine.
Now this is where all my positive points for this movie end. Because even though it does have a little humor and an okay performance by the two leads, there is still absolutely no reason why this film should be made. The whole plot of Back-Up Plan is set on extremely unrealistic, women porn grounds. Guys, let me ask you a question. If you've been dating this chick for about a week and she's really nice and all, but then she told you she was 2 months pregnant with twins. Would you stay with her? HELL NO! But this dude, he comes up and tell this girl he barely knows, "I love you... we can make this work." No wonder the whole world thinks Americans are stupid.
Evidently in the end, The Back-Up Plan is just any other fantasy chick flick that makes no sense and presents no viable reason for any male without a female partner or a movie lover or a person with the logic higher than a sea plankton  to see this film. But I can say this, of all the romantic comedies that have raped my mind this year, The Back-Up Plan is the best so far.

Still a piece of shit though.

RATING: 4/10

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