Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Runaways: Review

Yay! The Runaways people! The movie where Kristen Stewart discovers redemption from the Twilight series and where Dakota Fanning discovers lingerie.
So in this movie, we have Dakota Fanning play Cherie Currie, an adventurous teen who's life changes for the spectacular when she meets Joan Jett and is recruited as the lead singer of The Runaways in a biopic about the first all-female rock band in history.
I'll be honest. Up until I saw the film I had no idea who The Runaways were and the only Joan Jett songs I've hear were I Love Rock and Roll and Bad Reputation. So when other reviewers are saying that this film of The Runaways is so far from actual events that it was laughable, I can't say much about that. But what I can say is that for someone coming into this knowing nothing about the band, I liked it.
Now Kristen Stewart is the one headlining the movie but this is very much Dakota Fanning's film. And  get that she is going through that Drew Berrymore phase, trying to do more erotic roles to prove she's a matured actress but.... I can't. I just can't. She always gonna be that little girl from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Man on Fire. But I give her props for putting her 16 year old ass out there like that. She has lesbian scenes, drug scenes and she's practically in stark ass panties the entire show. But beneath all em' bras and drugs and fucks... her performance wasn't anything interesting.
Now, what was interesting is that whore Bella Swan. She's pretty badass in this. Given that she s a supporting character to Fanning, Stewarts performance of female rock legend, Joan Jett was everything a rock 'n' roll movie should be. Electrifying.
How is it that Kristen Stewart could allow herself to be desecrated with a role like Bella Swan when she could be doing fantastic roles like this. Her appearances in The Runaways are peppered out through the film totaling in 15, 20 minutes of screen time. She enters, hits a home run and disappears. And she nails Joan Jett pretty good. She's got the slouch, the gum chewing, the intense eyes, all while oozing electrifying badassness and consuming passion for rock 'n' roll.
The Runaways would have had a higher rating if they stuck to the character study side between Currie and Jett instead of going about the usual rise and fall of a rock band and it's super sleazy manager played by Michael Shannon who by the way, should be ashamed of his acting here. Less is more my friend, less is more. Oh and Dakota Fanning's singing is shit.
So would I recommend this to people? Well, not really. It's an okay film. Nothing great about it. But something you should catch if you ever doubted Kristen Stewart as an actress. She ain't so bad after all.

RATING: 5/10

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