Saturday, August 6, 2011

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  • legal_alien_007
    07-10 02:24 PM
    nicely written.. i wish u all the best

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  • crazyghoda
    10-16 11:38 AM
    A lot of EB2 folks are getting excited about getting the spillover from EB1 and EB2 ROW but has anyone contemplated that lots of EB3 ROWs will now start at looking at porting their dates to EB2 just as most people from EB3 India are?

    Boy, I sure wish I was a lawyer! If this system remains as screwed up for another 20 years, I am surely sending my kid to law school :D

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  • Jerrome
    05-12 02:16 PM
    Just like the jews, tamils practice their culture and language in sri lanka without been discriminated. You don't see Jews armed with weapons asking for part of USA for themselves.

    Don't you know about Israel? Don't tell me tamils are not discriminated in SL. It it outright lie and read my earlier posts with references.

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  • grupak
    12-13 10:57 PM
    I advocate talking to policymakers, writing to them, and calling in on any talkshow on the radio/tv - where ever there is an opportunity.
    I am not sure if we can challenge the legality of the system. However, I do question the motivation behind this policy. It is morally and ethically wrong and does not make any economic sense. It is probably hurting the economy, if you get my drift. My thought is that it can be adressed by enlightening the very people who put this policy in place - the congressmen/women.

    Yes, we as IV are meeting lawmakers and lobbying, and media campaign too.

    Just discussing if anything else can be done.


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  • logiclife
    01-23 05:18 PM
    what happens to the people who got their GC's using labor from this guys company? Hopefully they are not affected, it will be sad to see their lives in trouble because of him.

    They will be affected. If you pay cash $20,000 to buy an approved labor, you are breaking that law too, and at the minimum, they would be reapplying for GC again, at the maximum, deportation, for breaking immigration laws.

    In fact, if your immigration case was approved with fraudulent information/documents unbeknownst to you and if you employer was alone in the fraud, even then the approved petition(whether its H1, labor, 140, 485) would be voided by USCIS.

    What is really frustrating is that backlog centers keep approving labors from very early priority dates and these employers keep responding to 45 day letters saying that "Yes" they want to proceed with labor even though the employee would have left a long time ago. And they do it with the intention of either selling it for cash or using it as an incentive to hire a person on a lower-than-market salary. That it is one of the reasons why PDs are not moving forward...all these old old labors are being recycled into the system.

    And this was cybersoftec was in Edison NJ. I wouldnt be surprised if you can find a dozen companies doing this within 1 mile radius of this guy in Edison NJ. No offense meant to NJ or the township of Edison. But boy that place reeks with stinking desi employers.

    The only thing that has stopped since Nick Mandalappa was caught is that they've stopped selling it on If he hadnt been caught, then these guys would be selling approved labors on eBay by now.

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-28 12:59 PM
    Already it happened for other workers category last month. In mid july THEY WILL STOP accepting 485s if they receive more than they could process.

    For the Nth time, it has nothing to do with how many they receive. If they APPROVE more than the number of available visa numbers, THEN they could/might stop accepting new applications. As long as existing visa numbers are available, they will keep accepting new 485s, thats the law.


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  • saketkapur
    07-04 12:29 PM
    Application for 1 person:

    1. Lawyers fees = $500...............paid by me....not sure if any paid by my company
    2. AP+EAD = $350(170+180).....paid by me
    3. I-485 = $395..........paid by company
    6. Fedex = $60...........paid by me
    7. Medical = $170(no shots needed except TB test)....paid by me

    So all i all I paid $1080 and my company paid atleast $395(and maybe some legal fees too)

    And belive me guys I am at the lower threshold since I did not need any shots and did not loose any work days........

    So minimum loss to the company and individual(1 pesron only)is atleast 1475 bucks. So before making any conclusions keep this as the lowest threshold.However since we might get the $395+$350 back so the net loss to the individual at minimum will be $730/person and maybe $500/person to the company so making it atleast $1230/for 1 person.

    Assuming that appx. 45000 people were planning to apply....I guess we are at minimum $55350000 loss......and this is a very modest I mentioned at the lower threshold.

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  • dealsnet
    09-04 04:30 PM
    You quote YSR discussion from TOI.

    Here I am pasting same YSR discussion from

    by JGN on Sep 05, 2009 12:49 AM
    The inherent racism of historic Hinduism is thus blatant. You were judged by the color of your skin, not the content of your character, skills or talents. The darker your skin, the lower your caste and rank in Hindu society. The whiter your skin, the higher your caste and rank. The Brahmins prided themselves on their white skin while despising the darker skinned untouchables who were often viewed and treated as sub-humans.
    This explains why Hindu gurus are more than willing to travel to the West to convert rich white Europeans to Hinduism BUT never travel to black Africa to make converts. The truth is, they don’t want black people whose skin color is an indication of bad karma. As long as they can sucker rich white people into giving them money (“Money is evil. So give it all to me.”) why bother with darker skinned people?
    This can be documented by the statements of many of the gurus who have reaped riches in the West. When one guru was asked on TV what he was doing to help the poor, he responded, “Let the Christians take care of them. I am here to help the rich.”

    YSR is dengerous than SWINE FLUE...shame on YSR's Son.

    Over 100 die after YSR's death..

    India - NEWS - The Times of India (

    See what posters in Times of India say

    Raj,Uk,says:With all due respect to YSR but his followers are not leaving any stone unturned in capitalising his death it seems like a race to make him most popular leader. If the number of deaths due to shock to be considered as the measure of popularity then YSR becomes far more famous then Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi et al. This is a wrong precedence we are setting by publishing the unconfirmed news, just think what will happen post mayawati/lalu and other so called popular leaders.

    Ek,BLR,says:60 people dying is a joke..bigger joke is people dying of cardiac arrest...I have never heard of anyone having a cardiac arrest at their mother, father,wife or for that matter their Child's death.......These people attribute any death happening on these days to YSR's death..I am not denying there are some fools who are capable of committing suicides though!!!


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  • vamsi_poondla
    05-13 10:21 AM
    Tamil problem is true, relevant and has to be solved within the framework of SL Constitution with all moderate SL Tamil parties sitting across the table.

    If Tamil issue == LTTE, no Indian would support (and a significant majority of SL Tamils themselves will not support). Every single LTTE member has to be brought to the court if possible or they should perish in the war. However noble their intention was, their means is called Terrorism, which any civil person should oppose. Now don't draw any arguments about Black July or Sinhalese Only policy of 1960s. I know that and that is what is reflected in the paragraph 1 above.

    And dont get hyper if you see TN politicians making ruffle. They already proved that they have no brain. Just want your votes and they know how to provoke. Otherwise offensive started long back and with the same arms approved by Indian Cabinet in which many TN parties are members of.

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  • sh2005
    02-12 03:38 PM
    I wish your hopes comes true. However, one thing you should remember. There are many guys with PD before 2005 got stuck due to name check, particularly in ROW catagory. This big jump in PD for ROW and new name check clearance rule, will makes tons of 485s become eligible for approval in March.

    As they mentioned in their comment, they may freeze the PD for ROW in APril or move back to 2004, depending on how many EB3-ROW gets GC in March.

    I see the comment where USCIS said date movement can slow down or stop, but didn't say anything about going back to an earlier cutoff date. Of course, I am pretty sure that State dept didn't take into consideration the new Name Check rule. So as we have seen before, anything is possible :)


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  • poorslumdog
    05-03 01:21 AM
    in this thread... last 1o posts are about newtoearth...

    people will take peosonally and call names when they can't argue with facts...

    if you can talk on the issue lets discuss else (I know this is what you want when you know that you don't have any facts to support you...)
    What is relationship to my ID and Attack on Indian Army by Eelam Guys, Real Stupid ...
    ... I have been so non popular only aravas browsing the thread...

    Hey you know what..
    There are many Indian Languages top of you in population in India or in rest of the world
    all of the above comminities are living all over the world.. But no one made any noise...
    Now you think.. where the problem is .. Every body mingled with locals...
    But if any one sees Singapore, Malasia, or SL. you know ...
    I am out of this disscussion if some one is talking it personally

    What about Hindi guys are kicked out in asam and Mumbai. Malasiya, Singapore and SL have tamil population and thats why the noise is.

    Basically you are a singala guy in this forum for long time and created this id to today to fight with tamils. Because no other indian guy will call tamil as arava...In fact we hear it for the first time and no one knows or cares what it means.

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  • kondur_007
    07-22 02:22 PM
    kondur_007, u know how to make us laughing in a stiuation like this. your post at the end makes me keep laughing.:D

    Thank you very much...but somehow, I woke up sarcastic today!!! i hope i did not offend anyone...else I will get some REDS...:mad::mad::mad:

    Just joking again....:p


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  • panini
    05-11 04:49 PM
    Mind you the civil war in SL is against the LTTE, not the Tamils.

    Correct! And it is not even a "Civil War". It is really a war ti erradicate terrorism from Sri Lankan soil. The term Civil War refers to a war between people in a country. The SL government is not waging a war against it's Tamil citizens but against a terrorist group.

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  • abracadabra102
    08-16 07:13 PM
    TSA/CBP officers are no angels and are known to be rude to passengers at times. Having said that, I think we are all over reacting to SRK incident. Even the famous American Ted Kennedy had to face similar situation. GOI should lay off this incident.

    Sen. Kennedy Flagged by No-Fly List (

    Would Khan have fared better as Kennedy? (


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  • paskal
    12-14 05:55 PM
    it's clear as pointed out above that we peters and pauls here.
    iv is not striving to remove country qiota in isolation.
    that said, those who benefit will always justify it. it is human.
    my personal view remains the same: discriminating between two individuals by country of origin is wrong. period.
    thie country recognizes that fact in EVERYTHING, except immigration, and that has a long history of fear and restriction behind it.
    i guess until one feels the effects of being on the "wrong side of the fence" it's hard to see this picture.

    meanwhile this is going too far and i will close this thread forewith. wake up people - there is barely any difference in EB3 india and what's the deal with swamping? and if one country gets more GC numbers...maybe's because it has more applicants???

    those who support this "diversity" crap- you will find your own "quotas" somewhere sometime someday for sure. then please remember that it's ok to take away from you and give others for any chosen reason....

    i get the last word. sorry! :-)

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  • viva
    01-28 01:57 PM
    I think my previous question asking the poster of the question to contribute was deleted by the moderator.

    It is a valid request to ask the poster of the question to contribute. If the person is coming on this site hoping to get a benefit from the members, then they must be willing to help out the organization too. I believe in the saying ," You scratch my back, I scratch yours."

    There is no force involved here; it is just persuasion in the right direction. We will never reach our contribution goals if all people continue to get answers without contributing to the organization in return.

    Core team- We should display a pop-ad for any new member signing up to IV asking them if they want to contribute. We need to get aggressive. This is no time to be passive.


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  • Jerrome
    09-14 05:05 PM
    Your assumption is correct, But i am not sure if the spillover happens every quarter. Are you sure it happens every quarter. I thought it happens only @ last quarter.

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  • go_guy123
    06-11 04:20 AM
    At least Mr Oppenheimer has told the truth that it is curtains for EB2 and EB3 India and China and brought all the hopefuls to the ground . Passing CIR is a distant dream.

    Thank you Mr Oppenheimer ! At least you had the guys to spell out the bitter truth , so that we could plan accordingly and plan our return .

    Yes true. In fact people on EAD are going to be on EAD for a long long time.

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  • go_guy123
    07-13 12:36 AM
    I submitted my TOEFL. I think it is enough
    toefl is not recognised only ielts is accepted

    02-15 07:28 PM
    as always.

    actually india and china are in teh top 5 receipents of F1 visas, and far ahead of most countries

    now folks. STOP.
    you are making me sick.

    Thanks for the data, I had a feeling some countries were using F1 more than others. Good to have the facts straight.

    This discussion is really not going anywhere. Lets stick with IV agenda and action items.

    01-05 01:50 PM

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