Sunday, December 20, 2009

Precious Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire: Review

Precious....... Based on the Novel "Push"..... by Sapphire. This movie has got to have the longest title I have ever seen. I guess they just wanna take up as much space as they can on the advertisement boards or something. So anyway.. Precious ya'll! I love this movie man. It's the very definition of an underdog movie and I gotta say.. I was trully touched by the story.

So Precious is about Clarice Precious Jones, a 16 year old, illiterate obese black girl, who is living under the poverty line in 1987's Harlem. Her mother and father abuse her physically and sexually, she is still in Junior High School and she is pregnant with her second child by her father. Odds against Precious is so overwhelming but the message the movie sends is that even in hard conditions, something precious and beautiful can still emerge.

Let's talk about the cast first ya'll. Gabourey Sidibe makes an amazing acting debut playing the title role of Precious. Sidibe captures every emotion of pain and helplessness in her performance to the point where I couldn't even bare to watch her cause it's just so depressing.

The biggest surprise in Precious is Mo'Nique who plays Precious' crazy abusive mother. I've seen Mo'Nique's stand-ups and comedies before.. let me tell you something.. Mo'Nique was on drugs when she did Precious. There's no other explanation. She was STUNNING. Totally unrecognizable, like... yeah.. unrecognizable. I never knew Mo'Nique could carry a line that didn't have the words 'motherfucker' or 'my nigger' in it. But she really pulled it off. I hated her character so much but at the end scene with her, yeah.. I admit I did have some symphathy. Mo'Nique totally deserves a Supporting Actress nomination, if theres none better she should win.

And damn Mariah Carey looks hideous in Precious. It's like if you took Mariah Carey's face and beat it for an hour.. that's how she looked like in the movie. But she was awesome in Precious. She didn't have much scenes but the ones she was in were some of the best in the film.

 Jesus Christ......

So let's recap.. horrible actors like Mo'Nique and Mariah Carey gave good performances in Precious? All my praise has gotta go to the director Lee Daniels. I salute you sir. Why Tyler Perry has more money than you I just do not know.

The main draw of Precious is undoubtedly it's phenomenal cast, I'd just hope that the dialogue would be a little bit better but that's easily forgivable. Love the gospel soundtracks in the movie to. So any of ya'll need a nice Pursuit of Happyness-like movie to get you in the Christmas mood and warm up your Juju Bees, ya'll gotta check out this amazing movie.

RATING: 8/10

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