Monday, December 21, 2009

Sin Nombre: Review

The amazing film called Sin Nombre! You know.. I thought this movie would have had a much much bigger impact if Cidade de Deus hadn't come out. It's like there is no other movie about crime gangs can surprise me anymore after Cidade. Still doesn't change the fact that Sin Nombre is oh-so-totally-awesome!

Sin Nombre centres around Sayra and her Honduran family as they try to cross the border into America and a chance encounter with Willy, a former hoodlum being pursued by his old gang. Sayra found her chance of freedom through Willy as Willy finds redemption in helping Sayra try to cross into the U.S.

Sin Nombre was made for approx. $500,000. That's not much money for a film. But the director made Sin Nombre looked like a $10,000,000 movie. The cinematography of the Sin Nombre's gritty Mexican setting is just epicness and the trainride sequences are just stunning.

Paulina Gaitan who plays Sayra isn't that good. Hahaha. I felt she was incredibly stiff and lacking of emotion throughout the whole movie.

Her best scenes in Sin Nombre is when she is with Edgar Florres who plays Willy. I liked Edgar thought. He pretty much carries the whole weight of the film.

Then again, all my praise goes to Kristyan Ferrer who plays Smiley. Awesome portrayal of a child who is struggling to retain what's left of his innocence as he is trust into a world of violence and crime. You don't even get his kind of acting from adult actors, i.e Jessica Alba.

My only complaint for the movie was the score. Because it is an indie movie and it's budget is incredibly thin.. I'm guessing the Sin Nombre producers borrowed the music from other films and just pasted them unto their movie. So it was kind of weird hearing the score of The Fountain and The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford being played in a Mexican film.

It's kinda sad that movies like these won't be seen by much people. But for what it's worth.. I'll definitely go back and watch Sin Nombre again a couple more times.

RATING: 7/10

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