Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wallace and Gromit- A Matter of Loaf and Death: Review

Wallace and Gromit are back ya'll! And their nominated for Best Animated Short this time! 
So in this movie, Wallace and Gromit are bakers and have their very own bread delivery service. Although business is good, there is a murder mystery going on at the same time where all the famous bakers in London are being killed. And then in comes this lady, Piella who's a local beauty queen and she and Wallace hits things off with a nice little romance. But Gromit suspects something very fishy about Peilla and must uncover her secrets before it's too late.
It's nice seeing Wallace and Gromit back doing short films where they started out. To be honest I'm not so crazy about the last film they did which was really kinda meh. But in this movie though, they fit the same amount of story, comedy, action, characters and charm as The Curse of the Were-Rabbit into a cool 29 minutes.
And just like any Wallace and Gromit movie, Matter of Loaf and Death is one heck of a funny film. Whether it is the imaginative intricacies of the inventive devices in their house or the iconic facial expressions of it's clay face characters. And the writing of the film is charming and witty as always. Specially loved all the cheesy lovey dovey one-liners Wallace has in the movie which is so weird to hear him say.
Peter Sallis is wonderful as always playing the naive Wallace. I mean this guy has got to be the dumbest person alive if he has to depend on his dog to ave his ass every single time. Yet his character is such a lovable goofball of fun. And how fun was Sally Lindsay in this? Her character is such a funny psycho, i light up everytime she comes on screen. Plus she has a sexy Scottish accent. And I like how they took her real life big boobs and incorporated it into her character, Just a thought is all.
But with all these nice things to say about the film, there's just one thing that keeps me from supporting it at the Oscars. It's highly unoriginal story.
The plot is pretty much the same as any Wallace and Gromit movie. Wallace is stupid. Gromit is clever. Wallace gets himself attached to something with the bad guy and seems to be doing good at it. Gromit smells something fishy with the whole new thing Wallace has got going on. Gromit investigates and uncovers a diabolical plot that threatens Wallace's life. Gromit tries to smoke out the bad guy. Wallace doesn't believe Gromit and sends him away. The bad guy is about to kill Wallace. Gromit comes in and saves the day. Wallaca and Gromit are friends again.
The storyline of the film is so predictable. Which is something that I really can't stand about the Wallace and Gromit series, where they just take the same story and recycle it over and over again while framing the plot around a different scenario every time. For God sakes you're series is nearly 2 decades old. Do something new for crying out loud!
But with all this being said, there is still a good chance that this film could win the Oscar on the simplest of facts that this is a Wallace and Gromit movie. They have been around for a really long time, they pretty much pioneered the whole claymation and stop motion technique in animation and they haven't won an Oscar yet. So keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

RATING: 7/10

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